Foldable Tables

Are there places in your house/office where you use for more than one purpose. This is where foldable chairs apply. We have introduced foldable Tables that are both highly portable and display a sense of class. They are perfectly applicable in outdoor camping, Moving and saving room space. They are available in different colors and makes. Below are the types we have in stock.

Foldable Round tables
Item CodeFoldable SizeOpen size

Foldable Square tables
Item code: F86

foldable size: 86*86*4.5
Open size: 86*86*74

Foldable Long tables
Item Code Foldable Size Open Size
Z122 61*61*9 122*61*74
Z152 76*71*9 152*71*74
Z183 92*74*9 83*74*74
Z244 122*76*9 244*76*74
C122 122*61*9 122*61*74

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