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Also known as baseboards, skirting boards have been around for many, many years in different forms and typically serve two or three important purposes. First, a skirting board can be added to a room purely for decorative purposes. In old houses, for example, it’s common to find high skirting boards that feature mouldings and can even be quite intricate, making a decorative feature. That said, at its simplest level, a skirting board will simply be a plank of wood that has been nailed, screwed or glued to the wall. The second purpose of a skirting board is to protect the wall. Skirting boards will typically protect the walls from accidental knocks, as well as wear and tear from furniture and soiling and scuffs from mops and hoovers. In the third instance, skirting boards can be used as a really clever way of hiding uneven or rugged floor or wall edges.
Our pvc skirting boards are good in making that room look executively beautiful. Choose from different colors and designs. We have made them easy to install and perfectly fit for their purpose.

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